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Asbestos Testing

We set the Industry Standard in Asbestos Testing! If you woud like to see how we can assure yours and your employees safety Click here

Asbestos Removal/Remediation

Asbestos can be found in many different structures and buildings built before the 1990's. Most people know asbestos is present in most buildings up to the late 1970's but this is a common misconception because builders still had supply on their shelves till the early 90's. To see how we can help rebuild, remove, and abate asbestos Click here

Air Quality Testing

Mold air testing (otherwise known as Air Quality Testing) is the best mold testing method to understand the level of mold... Read more

Mold Removal – Remediation

Mold can be found virtually anywhere, over time it will destroy the object on which it’s growing... Read more

Grow Ops

Former Marijuana grow operation houses are common in Calgary... Read more

Fire and Water Damage Repair

Damages to your home caused by fires & floods can be devastating enough since the repairs can be extensive, Restoration Reaper Inc. provides the expertise... Read more


Protecting workers and the environment is a top priority at Restoration Reaper Inc.. Our on-site workers wear adequate PPE... Read more

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mold infested wall that is beyond repair - needs total remediation

Restoration Reaper Inc. has gained a solid reputation by working with our clients and sub-contractors as an effective team that will get the job done in a practical and efficient manner. We are client-driven and have the experience and knowledge that enables us to determine the most appropriate approach for a given contaminate situation...

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